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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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hey that you had a hoodie or a basta banks or today well we got an episode for you yes according to our headlines it may be time to start hugging a baxter and bashing. stacey heard. yes max chi is there is it time to stop bashing bankers says the line headline of this paper that the guardian but in the print edition says is it time to start loving bankers oh yeah we love bankers long time.
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well i believe max you went out with the artist taxi driver to ask him this question because of course taxi drivers know what's going on in any city in the world here's what he had to say. on the streets in blood the shaft is. responsible for the food banks this broader government process in each cell phone up through the bank jews the vox populi the london taxi it's absurd to think that it's a period of banker bashing us come to a cause because we have not even begun to bash the bankers we will fight them in the trenches we will fight them it we're going to pass it and they haven't even started yet stays here but how dare they say time to stop them that's absurd. well this is what most of the comments on the guardian's website said along those lines
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but i want to point out that this is the former mayor ken livingstone who is there white washing. fraudsters criminals hard core criminals that have plundered the wealth of nations across the world who according to paul moore the former boss the compliance officer he said that hundreds of millions of people have been made poor because of these bankers and he's asked by the woman doing the interview you know how can livingston aren't you responsible for making this city such an important part of the financial world and he answer is max what i've always said to the mayors of shanghai and moon by is if you want to be a great international finance center you've got to allow about thirty percent of the population to be foreigners that's an interesting observation foreigners of in this case of course meant being those who are bringing in foreign agents foreign
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algorithms foreign computer generated computer frequency trading to turn an economy that was working functionally ok answer something that is functionally not working whatsoever and creating this enormous pot you know ken livingstone he's he's a fake left winger and that's the best of main point here he's actually got his nose firmly up the butt crack of the entire city of london and he should be ashamed of himself and he's always in the public eye pontificating about what's better for the general community and that's a lot he's just not he's nothing but a white washing but sniffing bankstown a loving liberal who should not be given the any oxygen whatsoever to speak when of course the guardian newspaper another fake left wing institution so of course is kind of fake debate there's absolutely absurd. it's not an issue
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of right or left it's an issue of a crime has been committed well mulayam says is it time to stop bashing bankers yes and time to start jailing them so he gets it right now we turn to another comment max from my fellow prisoners he has what bashing what ill gotten gains have been confiscated who has been arrested charged tried they captured the regulatory system years ago and they got away with nearly collapsing the economies of the west and it's going to happen again and again until something gets done about it oh look at the front page of today's financial times is that austerity is going to last until twenty eight team now that's a direct result of banks to others having confiscated billions from the economy using illegal practices and larceny so the social uprising the social unrest sweeping europe and the globe is a direct result is ken livingstone take credit for having spoil the violence but he
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is underwriting with this insurance is ignorant comments. again this is a issue about the fact that there's an absence of justice it has nothing to do with politics it has the fact that there has been a crime committed in broad daylight everybody witnessed it all the witnesses saw what happened which is society at large we saw the crime happened. and yet nothing has happened and this is again something you see in the comments here here's a comment from the vox populi as you call it g. ox says average people go to prison for stealing a loaf of bread but banks steal billions from pension funds record colonies and get bonuses and respect from government officials so again this is the thing all of our society the way the system works especially as it's based on the fee out currency system x. is based on perception and trust people have to have faith in the system and the
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fact is that you see from the commissar hundreds of comments on this site where the guardian is trying to whitewash the situation and provide an out for the criminals the criminals who use the bag as a front that was their fronts that would just like somebody setting up a fake curry shop as a money laundering outfit they set up a bank as a money laundering outfit and people see that they got away with a crime yes yes it is a crime but it's not a one off crime it's an institutionalized culture of criminal behavior it's a racket and it ken livingstone is part of a racket he's a racketeer which includes by the way the four big accounting firms again today's financial times ernst and young price waterhouse cooper and the other two major accounting firms implicated in all of these crimes they're part of the rocket urged in your home are part of the criminal syndicate that commit wholesale crime and nobody debates that fact actually they say that it's not that they're not
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committing crime and start if you take away their ability to commit a crime you can be able collapse bester argument that we need the crime to survive and then they wonder why their social unrest the fact that you bring this up brings me to this next headline because i listen to martin we interviewed on b.b.c. radio four by justin webb and he says you know they looked at libel or and how to changing and possibly get rid of it this whole you know committee of guys who said . global interest rates and he said basically there were too many contracts globally to get rid of it so we're going to keep this corrupt system open to corruption and we're going to stay with it because it's too big to get rid of martin we revealed himself to be no less captured than his f.s.a. predecessors so you know they got rid of the financial services authority and now it's the financial conduct authority and i noticed this lou just this word being used over and over that is inappropriate conduct that they now use as that is like
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a little bad child it's nothing like a hardcore al capone criminal racket that's going on so he's asked by justin webb well what about this payment protection insurance scandal people see this and they see that this you know banks have plundered and miss sold to the population therefore plundered and they get no criminal sentence and martin we answers they are paying the money back that's the most important thing to know at this moment and web interrupts this is yes but thieves in other areas other people who need money in other areas don't just pay the money back they go to jail don't they martin we says well thieves is obviously a strong term our view is that this is inappropriate conduct that is a long way short of fraud you know martin whitely is a joke you know he is banking on the fact that they can institutionally give the population a lot bottoming and have a collective amnesia that the f.s.a.
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was caught cooking the books caught working with the city of london to commit fraud was the f.s.a. they bring in a new organization to wipe clean the slate aren't waiting a weekly he says he's a regulator he says he's going to be tough on banks or wal-mart whately there are right now in the city of london bankers from iceland wanted by interpol for it to financial terrorism in your town terrorism financial terrorism aren't you don't care about terrorism do you foster terrorism you're a terrorist martin wheatley you love terror. as them and they're right here in the city of london and you're doing jack about it you should be ashamed. so well it's now financial conduct authority and this is something we see in mafia sort of rackets around the world whether it's the big four as you can only name two because the other two are the same old ones like arthur andersen that has now been renamed what bearing point so they reopened as a new entity the financial services authority was a rename of a former regulator that failed and then this one failed so they just suddenly
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change the name nobody knows who financial conduct authority is now but it's all about conduct it's not financial criminal racket authority well this is the thing i mean this is where the racket includes the government because the government is supposedly in the business of protecting the public interest the fact that the current government coalition government of cameron and that live dumb clown that nobody can remember his name allow for this to proceed unchecked by any kind of government is again implicating the highest levels of this government the queen's government involved in the whitewash that's causing any terrorism of the financial kind thank you those in the buckingham palace and also causing widespread fraud and social unrest thank you again down there in the park house and the house of commons you're doing a great job aren't you. know you also brought up terrorism acts so we're going to
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go to one of the holders of terrorism around the world saudi newspaper says the body you know held naked sorceress fly. wait a minute read that again or my ears what was it just well. this is the google translation of an al arab headline al arab e of course being the saudi royal family owns this entity saudi newspaper says the body. no one held naked sorceress fly but from twitter i've discovered that what they're saying is that the saudi religious police have caught a naked flying which i did email or i i did tweet to al-arabiya and i asked them to please provide an english translation to this story because the english speaking audience would like it but i do think you know here we are london and we've been seeking interviews with j.p. morgan's jamie diamond or blythe masters life masters has been nowhere to be seen
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if you ever see a witch fly past the background however i think it might be this because we have called her a witch of course but they said naked i think that could be another mistranslation mask because we do know she is naked short all sorts of commodities that's how they rig the price of silver gold oil so maybe she's there in saudi arabia trying to cover her naked oil shorts well i saw the j.p. morgan which supplies masters flying by these very windy broomstick and heading to presumably saudi arabia to go manipulate those markets with their naked shorts. i don't think the saudi religious police are into the whole is it time to start loving the bankers saudi religious police post because she had a parka and it's time to fly a broomstick when you're wearing a parka. the devil worshipping j.p. morgan's black master able to fly in a burka and a broomstick and a steady rain band make it short sell the oil markets and cause mayhem on top of
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creating complete artificial price manipulation in the silver market as she is famous for and as the h.s.b.c. and j.p. morgan lawsuits are proving into but one of the big any just is know there won't be any justice because she's part of the syndicate blithely j.p. morgan which broomstick flying saudis short selling oil which are i stand over thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you max stay tuned for the second half i've got the birmingham looter we're going to hug a hoodie. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .
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the war. in. iraq.
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welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser time now to turn to aston walker aka the birmingham lunar acid welcome to the kaiser report thanks for having me master walker tell us about how you came to be known as a birmingham looter well what happened i was in my house listening to radio four when all the riots it kicks off in the city center so being
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a filmmaker i went into town with my film camera and my commitments casually strolled into china sort of four thirty am got to see since about five o'clock no news there it was very empty all the sort of day bria of rioting and so for the strewn across the street i noticed that the haitian end window had been kicked for . with a certain delusional attitude and arrogance and greed and opportunism i decided to walk in and help myself to two hundred pounds of clothing you know when this all went down i immediately thought that way but wait a minute wait a minute all of this hatred spirit on these quote unquote learners but here you have the city of london is based entirely on looting and yeah david cameron who came out very heavily against the looters including you about. he scratches the back and rubs the back of the line ises including ken livingstone now wants to love
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it love the bankers and there seems to be an incredible disconnect in the society how can you be considered to be somehow antisocial and yet you're living in a society that that line is' is looting how does the worst a disconnect well you're when the rounds of cognitive dissonance here and basically what you have is an elite or as you've mentioned many times a khaki stock recy governance by evil people who don't care to have no empathy that way all they care about is enriching themselves and rich and their friends and they don't care about the common people or the player to use the a euphemism of our elected officials and they just don't really care all they care about is money making money mr osborne's sniffing over people's farts that sort of thing you know or sniffable people frank loesser saying a rotty let's not get into as far as personal delos as it were but let's let's
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instead focus on this very important question were you offered a deferred prosecution agreement i can actually confirm that the right honorable melbourne inman q.c. did not offer me a deferred prosecution for some strange or bizarre reason even though he knew that i was a filmmaker and would really filmmaker that to boot he still the sort of scratch my back and say you know ask them you know you've done wrong but hey would be fair you know maybe could lead some more on behalf of the hypothecated hypothecated banks of the city of london but no no such a fool was made to me that this initial question let's say i'll replay history here we offer you a deferred prosecution agreement and what would year compliance plan look like well i think my compliance from would be ok look. clear. only i have an aptitude for pilfering and eighty proof or so that could be collateralized in the futures market
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to say well look astern could be dropped over iraq or afghanistan or a competitive pool for some oil maybe you know a couple of the states match you know i'm sorry and maybe if i was to offer that sort of service that could defer my prison sentence maybe so let's get this straight if you were a private equity head like mitt romney you could repackage the loot into an infinitely real hypothecated collateralized looted each of them close bond how much money do you think you could react perfectly on let's say two hundred pounds worth of looted aging on clothes that would be worth what on the re our publication market i believe it was somewhere the region of two hundred twenty four fires a billion dollars. what exactly in other words you yourself if you are able to simply continue to read hypothecate there's little nature them close you could be a lottery singlehandedly i believe so yeah i don't believe there's a demand for the service and you know i was this incinerator food this morning
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where they were actually talking about have the city of london is the best place to do business you know the street bankers and global banking systems around the world who come into london because it's now a tax haven based on these principles as he saw that line max yeah i think i can deliver the service there is. there is social unrest around the country and around the world because the the source society is being ripped apart by the wealth and income gaps that are being stretched wide open because of the criminality in the city of london without equal opportunity for the entrepreneur looters like yourself so you're being shut out from the big time yeah and being forced to loot locally with access to global markets yes and as a result there we run pricing so we. we have a lot of problems the the the community in birmingham what is the what is the
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vibe on the street when the government brings in a new regulator like martin we who is going to wipe away the f.s.a. and bring in some new conduct authority clearly an example of white washing and manipulation are people aware of this on the street in birmingham do they keep track of this kind of thing or is it just a day to day struggle to survive what worst what's the level of conscious awareness of what's going on with these looters in the city of london to be honest the analogy alights uses the matrix yet then there is that great sea where one of the people on board the ship of movie says she saw the scene down of agent smith and you saw the tamil fuse red wine in the roast beef and the guy would say look i know it's not real you know but i'm still when they continue eating the roast beef and this is the all pervading sort of mentality it's not just burn them but just around the country at large these people don't really grasp quite exactly what's going on
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you know i mean they hear about the libel scandals and they hear about the various manipulations and so forth from criminality but it's not really feeding food because of the bias in the mainstream media the mainstream media do not want to talk about these things and to be honest most people are unaware or not particularly interested because they want to survive day to day bills go not food prices going up so all these things are sort of moved on their mind more than sort of between to the actual real noble of the issue imagine the mainstream media of course you are on b.b.c. shortly after the riots as they're called and but the attitude toward year was they made no connection between the looting in the city and the looting that's going on in birmingham or around around the. the country and they tend to you know put you into a box which was what here is a guy who is committing acts isolated from anything else that's happening in the
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community anything of stopping the society and so the b.b.c. really has to be called into question in terms of their ability to make good journalistic connections between the entire. cause and effect that we see with looting in the city and looting elsewhere the b.b.c. how complicity you think they are in this wave of financial terrorism are they on the front line or are they just cognitive dissonance themselves or just stupid i believe it's a mixture of the two. essentially the b.b.c. is the propaganda massive piece of the british state of the british establishment so regardless of whoever is in power if the financial incentive is to make money and to be functioning in the face of stiff competition from the lots of the murdoch's news corp cetera et cetera so the b.b.c.
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they're basically the mouthpiece food of this are not really talking about what he is or mention you know shows the hypothecation and so forth it being kept to the hundred four percent if there was a sort of bring that to the fore the maybe there'd be a case for them to be a journalistic sort of objective news organization but they're not you know they have their financial journalists there who want to see have some sort of motive come of understanding about these sophisticated financial vehicles but this is not coming through they don't talk about it max and it's a very strange thing all right after new britain the e-book minibar anderson tell us a bit about what first of all what is an e-book because a lot of people probably don't know what an e-book is and then tell us about the book itself it's basically an electronic book that you can read on your i pad. to download on to the kindle basically it's a satirical novel about the catastrophic recy. and the financial terrorism that
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sort of courtly gone out and a sort of woven my experience would be sent to prison as a looter so woven into the narrative again a lot of this was ironically due to the g four s. the private prison owns the prison that i was staying in sort of teaching us and explain to the prisoners that we've all these programs to get. learn to confront our offending behavior so it was for these programs that i was in boulder to actually write this book which is slightly ironic you know ok so you've taken the the knowledge that you picked up in prison and you're using that to put out this e-book and so responsible what's been the response of our responsible for a positive so far people are quite energized by purely because the themes that i'm sort of talking about even the book. don't normally get jessamy everyone's on these fifty shades of red and whatever all over with stuff you know sorry for you or
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whatever your burns going through a phase of thinking is at the moment. that's kind of a kinky parallel stories you know they are. you know let's talk about spend finally let's look at the future here so you've got even went through this very interesting political period and it got us into an author you're doing some writing so two or three years down the road couple of questions first of all do you see the society becoming more resolving this issue of the bankers because it doesn't sound as if there is going to be any kind of penalties or attempt to rein in the banks and if that so what does that mean more social unrest i personally believe that the social unrest issue they're going to break up sporadically. the bank is the lead to is need to be penalized it's
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a waste of time sort of institutions lutein and stealing money wholesale and thinking that this does not have an impact on society people see these things for what they are and you know this ten year olds in newtown hands of shod in you know paces in birmingham that can see these clearly and it's only because these etonian we think that these players calm grasp these things but it's very plain if one can see if one knows there is high larceny just. wholesale and unless these people are sent to prison or penalize severely very harshly unrest is just going to is this going to keep happening i think all right i asked an author thanks so much for being on the kaiser report you're welcome glad to be here max that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser at four with me max kaiser and stacey herbert our thank my guest aston walker otherwise known as the birmingham looter if you like to send me an email please do so at casa reported r t
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t v are you until next time acts out are saying. offers. and. was about to you. but the residents never profited from the performance. of coming. here you look up and there's one captain i knew he should alpha beta gamma he with all the fun out there trying to treat he's let me go with out there know what the going to take a pinpoint. right now. those shells become income mortal danger and a piece of art still says exemption basis just to. concentrate
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